love or hate? which one is more POWERFUL

Hate. At least that’s what my wise, wholly enlightened, and completely knowledgeable eighth grade mind would have announced without so much as a sliver of hesitation. Now, most increasingly pessimistic and considerably hormonal adolescents would choose hate because “it’s just an inevitable phase in life” along with the emo music and excessive black eyeliner. But me? As usual my unique, one of a kind self, I began thinking hate was the “better option” because it was unorthodox, and darkness is just more hip than being light and free. Hah. Because of this messed up theory, at the ripe age of fourteen, where everybody expects you to be skipping around celebrating the peak of your juvenescence, my life was dictated by hate.

I lugged the cumbersome burden of hatred around (along with my jubilantly splendid floral backpack) every single day. I thought hate was the driving force of the world – something that was embedded within our genes and the reason that we have come so far. Little did I know that it was greed, jealousy, selfishness, and all the other negativeness that Pandora released when she just had to see what was in the freaking box, that were those inevitably essential factors that pushed humankind to where it is today. There is no room for hate in that considerably long, and trite list. So where does hate play a role in our lives? In our world? It holds us back. It destroys us. It consumes us. It obliterates any sliver of hope of moving forward. So why is it so prevalent in human society? Hate is something that people turn to when they feel they have nothing else. It is the easy way out.

When I wake up -every single day-, I thank whatever higher power gave me a way out of the abyss of hate I was crawling further and further into, right after thoroughly cussing out my alarm clock, or course. This change did not occur overnight and it was not the result of just one cause. In fact, I like to compare it to a well made salad. For my base, or social setting, I went from being in a judgmental and dark milieu, aka middle school, to an atmosphere that oozed with positivity, or in other words, my new high school. Next, for the “vegetables”, some people were tossed into my life. Call it fate, or just incredible timing, but we ended up complimenting each other really well, as the veggies in a salad should. We all bring out the best in each other even to this day. For the dressing, I got rid of the pungent vinegar (consisting of jealousy, anger, and grudges), and replaced it with a light olive oil made of happiness, self-esteem, and forgiveness. And I sprinkled a dash of optimism. This salad took quite a long time to make, and I will forever continue to perfect it. However, I am astonished at how far I have come and I am eternally grateful as well.

However, not everyone is as fortunate as me, and I still see people convoluted in their own little bubbles of hatred. To you, I feel pity for you. I am sorry for you. However, I will not hate with you, nor will I hate you. I will help you change your life in whatever way that I can. I am indebted to those who pulled me out of my inferno, so it is only fitting that I do the same for you. I apologize from the depths of my heart if I am the cause of your misery, your grief, and your hate. But I will do anything I can to help you. I started my galvanizing campaign against hate -in any shape or form- by writing this. So if there’s anything you are taking away from this plethora of words, it’s this: hate has always been, is always, and will always be weaker. Weaker than what really drives the world, weaker than what gives life its intrinsic values, and weaker than the force that is rooted deeply and etched clearly into our human souls. So I am telling you this, from my “still figuring it out”, somewhat enlightened, and mildly plausible ninth grade mind: love has been, is, and will always be stronger than hate.

​much love,


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