vacation for your soul

“look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”-
If you won’t take my word for it, take it from the frizzy-haired, tongue-out-in-every-picture mastermind who we all know as Einstein.

Most people think relaxation is carrying unreasonable amounts of baggage to a massive, glass-windowed building with little flying contraptions circling it at all times, removing articles of clothing such as sneakers and hoodies and having them thoroughly inspected, lugging the aforementioned baggage onto said flying contraption, putting up with obnoxious toddlers with demonic screams that are not of this world, and landing with a jarring “thud” on the grounds of a foreign land with cerulean waters clearer than glass.

However, relaxation is anything that takes one’s mind off of one’s extensive first world struggles. In other words, it is a state in which people can appreciate the blessings they have because they are not doing work. What if I told you that a hackneyed family vacation that involves screaming children on airplanes and exhausting arguments over booking flights and the whole shebang could be avoided – but you could still find peace?

It’s called nature.

The purest and most pristine form of relaxation known to man. Why does it remain so underrated? Because it is not portrayed as glamorous, therefore making it “boring.”
But sometimes we all need a little “boring.” It keeps us sane and clears the slovenly states of our minds. For that very reason, nature has always been, and will always remain, my favorite form of relaxation.

I hate Sundays. With a passion. This is because I’ve yet to find something in my life that makes Sundays truly relaxing. I just sulk internally about all the mundane tasks I have to do. But in the spirit of good weather, my family and I decided to make Sunday a little less dull today. We got into our SUV and drove to the nearby stream of water.

It was here that I could finally breathe. I did not realize that I was not breathing until I got there. There is just something about the birds’ songs that harmonize with the rhythmic flow of the water. Something about the fact that everything is alive and moving and living, yet it is so still. That something has escaped definition; there are no words, no prose, no set of syllables that I can form with my mouth that encapsulates that very feeling that I get when I am with Nature. I believe that nature’s ability to mollify the human soul is something as old as time itself. I have been fascinated by the power of nature since the time when I could begin to comprehend the world around me; I guess some things never change, as it leaves me in awe even to this day.

I ask all of you to invest whatever little time you have to relax into nature. She never disappoints. You will leave calmer, wiser, and with a little more perspective every single time.

If it can help cool down my hot-headed, angsty, and impetuous flow of thoughts, just think of what it can do for you.

6/18/17 — some beautiful river near my home





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